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How to Trade the US Dollar Ahead of FOMC Minutes

The USD is down across the board with US yeilds, while stocks are trading higher, but today we will got a release of the FOMC minutes, so its a delayed information from November 1st, meaning that today’s release of the minutes can remind us that 2% inflation target is still far away, so this can possibly trigger some relief rally of the DXY. That said, we may see some pullback that will allow us to be short dollars from better levels. Looking at the Elliott wave structure, I surely would not be surprised to see wave four here, if current hourly trendline support is broken. US yields have five down as well. 
Also, I see SP500 moving into some strong resistance area, where pullback down can cause some rally for USD too. Lets not forget to mention some stocks profit taking ahead of Thanksgiving holidays.



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