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IPO Frenzy in India: 10 Firms to Open Public Offerings This Week

A wave of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is sweeping across India with ten companies slated to open their public offerings this week. These include a mix of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a leading spice-making firm, a jewelry company, and an apparel brand among others.

The IPO for Madhusudan Masala, a leading spice-making company, and Technogreen Solutions, an SME, opened on Monday. The price band for Madhusudan Masala was set at Rs 66 to Rs 70 per share, with the company aiming to raise Rs 23 crore. Technogreen Solutions offered its shares at Rs 46 each, hoping to garner Rs 16.72 crore from the offering. Both IPOs will close for investments on September 21.

Signature Global India, a real estate developer company, and Sai Silks Kala Mandir, an apparel firm from Telangana, are set to open their IPOs on Tuesday, September 19. Signature Global has fixed its price band at Rs 366 to Rs 385 per share for a public issue of Rs 730 crore. Sai Silks Kala Mandir is offering its shares between Rs 210 and Rs 222 each, with a goal to raise Rs 1201 crore through their IPO. Bidding for these offerings will be open until September 22.

Manoj Vaibhav James and Jewellers, an Andhra Pradesh-based company, plans to open its IPO on Thursday, September 21. The price band is set at Rs 204 to Rs 215 per share with an aim to raise Rs 270 crore through the IPO. The last date for investments in this company is September 26.

Four SME companies – Hi-Green Carbon, Mangalam Alloys, Marco Cables and Conductors, and Organic Recycling Systems – are scheduled to open their IPOs on September 21, with investments accepted until September 25. These firms aim to raise Rs 52.8 crore, Rs 54.91 crore, Rs 18 crore, and Rs 50 crore respectively.

The IPO for Master Components, another SME company, started on Monday and will continue till September 21. The company plans to raise Rs 15.40 crore.

Investors are closely watching these offerings as they provide a chance to earn by buying shares as soon as stocks become open. The companies hope that the IPOs will contribute significantly to their profit margins.


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