Kenya to receive $12 billion World Bank package pending approval

At the G20 Compact with Africa Conference in Germany, Kenyan President William Ruto outlined plans for utilizing a proposed $12 billion World Bank fund aimed at addressing Kenya’s inflation and public debt challenges. The financial support, which is subject to approval by the World Bank’s executive directors and contingent on its lending capacity, signifies international trust in Kenya’s economic policies, according to Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa.

The World Bank’s potential aid package is part of a larger KES2.487 trillion (USD1 = KES151.900) assistance from international financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), intended to bolster Kenya’s economy against external shocks and support President Ruto’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda. Kenya currently benefits from roughly $2 billion in concessional financing annually.

During his address today, President Ruto expressed gratitude for the international community’s substantial commitment. He emphasized that the funds would be used over a three-year period to strengthen financial buffers and manage debt sustainability. The president also highlighted renewable energy as a key sector for job creation in Africa, pledging policy initiatives to harness the continent’s natural resources for clean energy production and contribute to global decarbonization efforts.

This financial backing comes as Kenya faces significant economic pressures, with a heavy debt load and strained foreign currency reserves. The proposed World Bank package aims to provide immediate relief and long-term stability for the Kenyan economy. The announcement of the aid package’s conditions underscores the cautious approach of international lenders while acknowledging Kenya’s strategic economic reforms.


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