Tenth District service sector sees modest growth in November

KANSAS CITY – The Tenth District’s service sector experienced a slight uptick in November, with the composite index, which tracks revenue, employment, and inventory levels, inching up to a value of 1. This modest increase reflects a mixed performance across different industries within the sector.

  • Real estate and professional services reported revenue gains, signaling strength in these areas.
  • In contrast, the wholesale and retail trade sectors witnessed declines, indicating challenges in these markets.
  • Despite the overall growth in the sector, the employment index did not keep pace, suggesting that hiring may be lagging behind other areas of business expansion.

This nuanced picture comes amidst a broader context of optimism among service firms. On Thursday, expectations for future activity showed a significant jump, with the index reaching 13. This surge in sentiment suggests that businesses in retail trade, real estate, and other services are becoming increasingly positive about their revenue prospects over the next six months.

The contrasting movements within the sector—with some industries experiencing revenue growth while others face declines—paint a complex portrait of the Tenth District’s service economy. However, the rise in optimism for future activity indicates that firms are looking ahead to potential improvements and opportunities for growth as they navigate the current economic landscape.


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