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Royce Micro-Cap Trust VP buys $46,325 in company stock



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In a recent move that signals confidence in Royce Micro-Cap Trust, Inc. (NYSE:RMT), Vice President Francis D. Gannon has purchased shares of the company’s common stock totaling $46,325. The transactions, which occurred on two separate days, involved the acquisition of 5000 shares at prices ranging from $9.25 to $9.28 per share.

The first batch of 2500 shares was bought at $9.25 each, while the subsequent purchase of an equal number of shares saw a slight increase in the price to $9.28 per share. Following these transactions, Gannon’s direct ownership in Royce Micro-Cap Trust, Inc. has increased to a total of 5000 shares.

Investors often look to insider buying as a positive sign that company executives believe in the firm’s future prospects. The recent purchases by the Vice President are a notable addition to his investment in the company, and may be interpreted as a reaffirmation of the trust’s potential.

Royce Micro-Cap Trust, Inc. specializes in investing in micro-cap companies, providing its shareholders with the opportunity to participate in the growth potential of these smaller enterprises. The confidence displayed by Gannon through these stock purchases could be seen as a reinforcement of the company’s investment strategy and its commitment to generating value for its shareholders.

The details of the transactions were made public through a Form 4 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which requires insiders to report their trading activities. Such disclosures are crucial for maintaining transparency in the markets and allowing investors to make informed decisions.

InvestingPro Insights

Following the recent insider stock purchases by Vice President Francis D. Gannon, investors in Royce Micro-Cap Trust, Inc. (NYSE:RMT) may be looking for additional data to evaluate the company’s financial health and market performance. According to InvestingPro data, Royce Micro-Cap Trust has a market capitalization of $448.47 million and is trading near its 52-week high with a price percentage of 97.79% of the high. The company’s P/E ratio stands at an attractive 6.27, highlighting potential value for investors considering the earnings generated per share.

The firm’s commitment to shareholder returns is evident, with a notable dividend yield of 7.31%. This is in line with the InvestingPro Tips that highlight Royce Micro-Cap Trust’s significant dividend payments, which have been maintained for an impressive 31 consecutive years. Moreover, the company has shown profitability over the last twelve months, a reassuring sign for investors looking at the company’s operational performance.

For investors seeking a deeper dive into the company’s financials and additional strategic insights, InvestingPro offers a range of tips. There are 5 additional InvestingPro Tips available for Royce Micro-Cap Trust, which can be accessed at InvestingPro’s Royce Micro-Cap Trust page. Investors interested in leveraging these insights can take advantage of a special offer using the coupon code PRONEWS24 to get an extra 10% off a yearly or biyearly Pro and Pro+ subscription.

These insights and data points provide a comprehensive picture of Royce Micro-Cap Trust’s financial standing and market position, which, when combined with the recent insider buying activity, could suggest a positive outlook for the company and its shareholders.


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