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Spire Inc treasurer sells over $73k in company stock



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Spire Inc (NYSE:SR) Treasurer Adam W. Woodard has sold a portion of his holdings in the company, according to a recent SEC filing. The transaction, which took place on March 15, 2024, involved the sale of 1,229.37 shares of Spire’s common stock at a price of $59.58 per share, totaling approximately $73,245.

The sale was part of a dividend reinvestment plan, as noted in the footnotes of the SEC filing. Following the transaction, Woodard’s direct holdings in the company amounted to 1,560 shares of common stock. Additionally, the filing disclosed indirect ownership through a 401(k) plan, with 4,295.279 shares held in the company’s stock fund as reported by the trustee as of March 14, 2024.

Investors often monitor insider transactions such as these for insights into executive confidence and company performance. The sale by Spire’s Treasurer may be of particular interest to the market, providing a data point in the ongoing analysis of the company’s financial health and leadership’s expectations.

Spire Inc, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is engaged in the natural gas distribution business and operates under the standard industrial classification of Natural Gas Distribution.

For further details on the transaction, interested parties can refer to the full SEC Form 4 filing.

InvestingPro Insights

As Spire Inc’s Treasurer Adam W. Woodard adjusts his stake in the company, investors are taking a closer look at the firm’s financial metrics and market performance. According to real-time data from InvestingPro, Spire Inc currently holds a market capitalization of $3.42 billion USD. The company has demonstrated a track record of rewarding shareholders, as evidenced by its notable dividend yield of 5.07% and a consistent history of dividend growth, with a 4.86% increase in the last twelve months as of Q1 2024.

InvestingPro Tips reveal that Spire Inc has raised its dividend for 20 consecutive years, highlighting a strong commitment to returning value to its investors. Moreover, the company has been profitable over the last twelve months, which may reassure stakeholders about its financial stability. Investors can access additional InvestingPro Tips to gain more comprehensive insights into Spire Inc by visiting Currently, there are 20 more tips available on InvestingPro, which can be accessed with an additional 10% off a yearly or biyearly Pro and Pro+ subscription using the coupon code PRONEWS24.

Looking at the company’s performance, the price of Spire Inc’s stock is at 82.69% of its 52-week high, with a previous close at $59.59 USD. This level of performance, along with a P/E ratio of 16.03, suggests a valuation that may catch the eye of value-focused investors. The upcoming earnings date on May 1, 2024, will be an important event for those tracking the company’s financial progress and future outlook.

With these insights, stakeholders can better understand the context around the Treasurer’s recent transaction and how it fits into the broader picture of Spire Inc’s financial health and market valuation.


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